Kerala is colourful and vibrant, yet quaint in its own way.
Kerala is blessed with a variety of fauna and flora. A variety of vegetables which are unique to this state is grown in different parts of the state. Tropical fruits ranging from varieties of small berries to the large jackfruits can be spotted during different seasons. And bananas …Oh, we have them all. Red, Yellow, Green.
Apart from the long coast we have small ponds, numerous rivers and lakes which also means, we have a fairly good supply of fresh catch all the time.


Savour the tasty and colourful local delicacies which are usually prepared with an addition of best spices, locally grown in the hills of Kerala. Though some of the varieties can be a bit spicy, there are milder versions which are prepared with addition of coconut milk to tone down the hot spices.
Those who relish white meat preparations like a Chicken curry, Duck curry or a preparation of quail should be tried. For those who relish red meat there are preparations from Mutton or Beef.
Then you have a very wide range of preparations from the sea food.

A few of the must try items when you are in Kerala,
A traditional Oonu in local language or thali (meals with rice and different vegetable curries served on a plantain leaf. Preparations from fish or chicken is also served depending upon the choice of guests)
Appams (Fluffy pan cakes made out of a dough made from rice flour added with a small amount of coconut milk) with stew curry – less spicy (veg or non veg)
Kappa (a preparation from Tapioca - a root vegetable) with fish curry.
Puttu (steamed cake prepared from rice or wheat flour with grated coconut) served with Bengal grams or a suitable curry.
Mambazha curry (A preparation made with ripe mangos)

The list is long. Come down to La Plage and we will prepare them for you.


Immerse yourself in to the festivals of Kerala. Dress up like a local. Witness our traditional art forms which have survived centuries. Visit our museums, palaces, temples, churches, mosques and synagogues and places like Fort Kochi which is classified UN heritage site.

Optional tours

Go for village walks or cycling. Take a canoe ride in the canals of Alleppey. One can opt for a day cruise on a houseboat or choose from a list of optional tours that we have.